✈Application Process

If you think you are qualified for the positions that we propose and would like to consult with us, below is how we suggest to proceed with you.

  1. First contact with SOLAP via e-mail or telephone (+81 3-6380-8224). Please make your first contact with SOLAP through the channel you feel comfortable with. We will get back to you as soon as we can. 
  2. We propose to exchange emails with you about the job that you are interested in and wish to apply for. At some point, we hope to meet with you (or talk with you by phone if we cannot meet for geographical reason). Entrust your resume to us so that we can assess your job history and give you advice. If you are unsure how to make a good self-promotion in writing, we may also be able to assist you in preparing a resume that can better catch attention of your future employers.
  3. As soon as your motivation for the position is confirmed and preparation for the official application is made, we submit your resume to the targeted company, accompanied by our introduction letter.
  4. We coordinate for the interview with you and the company you have applied for. We also instruct you beforehand so that you can give your best of performance for the big day. We also accompany you, if we can, on the day to the client.
  5. On your behalf, we make sure of all the conditions that are explicit or inexplicit on the offer letter, such as salary, location, any fringe benefit and duty pattern (in case you are to work on shift). We also give important suggestions to you about the timing and the best method for change-over especially in case you are currently employed.