Dear Corporate Customers,

While the Japanese aviation industry is getting revitalized, the competition for well qualified personnel is getting higher than ever. Specifically in this sector, people with professional experience and expertise solely become desirable candidates as to forming the core part of airline company business. In this respect, staffing agencies, as responsible go-between, are required to have knowledge of the field in order to practice efficient and quality screening of candidates therefore suitable introduction of people with right spec.

SOLAP has focused extra efforts on development of our organization to satisfy airline-clients’ needs in terms of global recruitment; our strength is the alliance with long-established/ worldwide renowned aviation recruiting companies and consultants of high proficiency. For instance, we are able to introduce manpower for the following positions:

  • Pilots (Captains, First Officers) that we mainly source from outside Japan
  • Instructors
  • Engineers
  • Pursers
  • Yield Managers
  • Ancillary Revenue Managers
  • Route Analysis Managers
  • Other positions in back office

We take pride in sourcing, screening and introducing manpower as aviation HR and Operation Groups have ever aspired for. Contact us today if you think we can assist you !